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The more insights you provide, the more exposure you earn.
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Earn the opportunity to get in front of potential home buyers by helping us identify homes that are likely to sell fast.

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Increase your presence to home buyers by actively publishing insights on properties. The more home insights you publish, the more you'll appear throughout the site.

Cross channel exposure

Expand your digital reach by publishing home insights on Truepad, and we will promote top insights through digital channels like Google and Facebook.


So, what is Truepad exactly?

Truepad is an independent, 3rd party real estate search engine that displays the homes most likely to sell quickly and the top, local agents to home buyers. Check out our video to learn more.

My listing has been identified as a Truepad. What does this mean?

Congratulations! If your listing has been identified as a Truepad, this means that it’s more likely to sell faster than other similar listings in the area. Listings that have been identified as Truepads receive additional exposure throughout Truepad and our digital channels:

  • Truepads are featured on our homepage at, which rotates on a regular basis across a variety of neighborhoods.

  • Each neighborhood has its own specific page featuring only Truepads.

  • Truepads appear at the top of search results.

  • Select Truepads receive additional exposure across our social media channels, such as Facebook. If you like us on Facebook, we will tag you as the listing or reviewing agent for added exposure at no additional cost to you.

How do I sign up for TrueAssist for Facebook?

Start by signing up for a free agent account here. Once you sign up or login, you can activate TrueAssist right in Agent Center. It literally takes seconds to setup and our current beta product is FREE.

Is there any cost to use TrueAssist for Facebook?

No! During the beta period, TrueAssist for Facebook is completely free, so sign up now!

I saw a promotion about earning $50 in free Facebook ad credits. Tell me more.

It’s quite simple. Sign up for a free account and share insights about 5 homes. Then you'll earn your $50 Facebook ad. We’ll create the ad for you based on your best statistics and most noteworthy sales, as featured on your TrueProfile. Within 1 business day of completing your first 5 insights, we’ll email you a link to the ad for final approval before it starts to run.

How is Truepad different from the other big real estate search engines?

We are different in three major ways:

  • We make it easy for home buyers to pinpoint the homes worth looking at. As home buyers search on Truepad, they easily find the best listings, thanks to insights from expert agents like you.

  • Agents earn their spot on Truepad. They don't buy it. Truepad provides buyers the opportunity to connect with the best agent for their search, based on the agent's proven market knowledge.

  • We bring agents back into the home search process. Truepad believes that agents will always have market expertise to offer that can’t be bundled into a simple statistic. We provide an outlet for agents to infuse this expertise early into the homebuying process, all while providing valuable exposure to potential home buyers in the process.

What if another agent publishes a negative insight about me or my listing?

Published home insights are screened by our team to ensure comments relate only to the property itself. Insights with comments about the listing agent or other agents are not published.

Remember, no listing is perfect and every home has its positives and negatives. Seeing unique insights into a home are what buyers are looking for online. With Truepad, we provide a place for top agents to be the voice of these insights.

If you find an insight is incorrect or misleading, simply flag it! Our team will examine the insight to determine whether it should be removed.

Does it cost anything to use Truepad?

Nope. Publishing insights is completely free.

Will I get any leads from Truepad?

Truepad is a give-and-get model. The more home insights you publish, the more exposure you gain. The more exposure you gain, the higher chance you have of connecting with a buyer. On Truepad, buyers may request to contact you; the more meaningful insights you provide, the more likely they are to do this!

How much do the leads cost?

Leads you get through published insights are your leads, you owe Truepad nothing. The more insights you publish, the more exposure you’ll have on our site.

I have a question that isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

You can email us at Please include your name, brokerage, and preferred method of contact.