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Truepad is a real estate search site that uses agent insights to provide accurate information to homebuyers and help them find the best valued homes.

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How does Truepad work?

As an agent, sign up for a free account to get in front of potential homebuyers. Start by sharing your insights about homes you’ve seen to help us identify homes that are likely to sell fast. As a part of sharing an insight, you’ll share your thoughtful comments about the home publicly, and you’ll also privately predict its market time and eventual sale price. The more accurate insights you share, the more exposure you’ll get to homebuyers and the more rewards you’ll earn.

The Truepad platform also allows you to harness this unique data we've collected and use it to stay in front of your sphere and communicate with your sellers. Check out our free TrueAssist for Facebook and Client Activity Feed products to learn more.

How is Truepad different from the other big real estate search engines? We are different in three major ways:

  • We make it easy for home buyers to pinpoint the homes worth looking at. As home buyers search on Truepad, they easily find the best listings, thanks to insights from expert agents like you.

  • Agents earn their spot on Truepad. They don't buy it. Truepad provides buyers the opportunity to connect with the best agent for their search, based on the agent's proven market knowledge.

  • We bring agents back into the home search process. Truepad believes that agents will always have market expertise to offer that can’t be accounted for in a simple algorithm. We provide an outlet for agents to infuse this expertise early into the homebuying process, all while providing valuable exposure to potential home buyers in the process.