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TrueAssist for Facebook (Beta)

Keep your Facebook Page fresh and engage with your network by automatically highlighting the work you’ve been doing . You can even boost these posts on Facebook and avoid paying for ad creation. Start by signing up for a free agent account . Once you sign up or login, you can activate TrueAssist right in Agent Center. It literally takes seconds to setup and our current beta product is FREE.

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Posts about your listings

We automatically post all of the things you want to share about your listings so you can show your seller that you're working for them. For example, we'll post when you have a new listing, weekend open house, price reduction, when your listing earns Truepad status, and more.

Posts about you and your experience

We post monthly market updates for your top areas, badges you've earned like Price Accuracy Expert or Sale to List Price Ratio Expert, when you share insights about homes on Truepad, and more.