TrueAssist for Facebook

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Nurture your sphere and save time gathering, creating and posting to your Facebook Page with personalized, automated content generation.



Always Free

Save time managing your Facebook Page.

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Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.

Be the only agent people can contact on when they click your Facebook posts or other links/ads. The ultimate personalized landing page.

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Well designed, personalized content about your real estate activity automatically posted to your Facebook Page.

Access to all TrueAssist post types.

Easily control which post types are automatically posted to your Page.

Boost TrueAssist posts and turn them into sponsored ads on Facebook (we don’t take a cut from your ad spend).

You can be contacted through your TrueProfile.

Reporting on consumer activity resulting from your TrueAssist posts.

Enhanced reporting on Truepad activity (visitors, number of leads, TrueProfile views and more).

Generate your own custom link to use in other digital marketing (stay in control of the traffic you generate from Google ads, Facebook ads, outbound email campaigns, etc.).

For homebuyers/sellers who come to Truepad via your TrueAssist posts or custom link:

You are the only agent who can be contacted sitewide.

Links to TrueProfiles of other agents are masked. homepage is modified so you’re the only agent who can capture leads.

You’re promoted in all search results sitewide with a call to action.

Neighborhood pages are modified to hide other agents

Requests from homebuyers to “Tour This Home” only go to you.

You’re the only agent who shows up in the “Contact an Expert” form throughout Truepad.

Requests from homebuyers to about a home only go to you.

Emails sent to homebuyers about Favorite listings promote only you.

Consumers who sign up on Truepad after clicking your link remain yours. When those consumers return to Truepad and login, you’ll continue to be the only agent they can contact.